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 The Instant Success Series of Business Books by Brad Sugars


 Learn to run your business like a champion! 

Follow along as the Coach demonstrates how to successfully navigate the challenges and recognise the opportunities business owners face every day. The Business Coach uses strategies developed by ActionCOACH that are used by all our coaches, helping over a million business owners worldwide realise their dreams. You’ll learn: The story of business basics for beginning and experienced business owners; How to pinpoint problem areas, develop winning strategies, and measure your progress; The secrets to true financial freedom by building a successful company that runs itself. 


  Marketing & Sales strategies proven to make money 

Instant Cashflow helps you identify your company’s hidden ‘gold mines’, dramatically boost your bottom line, and get on the fast track to big profits. And best of all, these crystal-clear, bite-sized lessons can be put to work in your business immediately! Discover how to: Generate hundreds of promising new leads Increase your conversion rate of leads to sales Maximise the value of your average sale Measure your results and fine-tune your best strategies


 Get leads flowing into your business 

Trying to grow a business without a steady supply of fresh leads is like trying to drive across the country on a single tank of gas. With everything on your plate, who has time to chase after new leads? Don’t panic; Instant Leads shows you why generating a constant flow of hot leads isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. Discover how to: Run killer print ads, radio campaigns, and mailings Form strategic alliances with suppliers and local businesses Use promotional offers and guarantees to set yourself apart from the competition. Make sure your plans are cost-effective with a break even analysis


  Don’t settle for less – boost your bottom line! 

Business is brisk and you have a solid core of loyal customers. So why aren’t you raking in bigger profits? Sounds like it’s time to see what you could be doing better. Instant Profit will help you to identify ways to improve your business and boost profits fast using the 4M’s of profit: Management, Money, Marketing, Merchendise



Other Great Business Books


 A lesson in customer acquisition  

In Buying Customers you’ll discover: – The importance of your numbers and ‘testing and measuring’ – How to segment your customers so they truly become your bet and biggest asset – Effective strategies to grow your customer base, generate more leads and create a simple system for referrals that skyrockets any marketing investment – How to generate as many customers as your business will ever need, as easily and profitably as possible – Why lifetime value equals repeat business … and repeat business equals profits – The importance of focusing 80% of your efforts and resources on your top 20% of your customers If you’re just starting a business, or are a seasoned entrepreneur business owner or marketing professional, Buying Customers will give you new insight and inspiration to boost your efforts in a way that turns all of your sales and marketing investments into guaranteed results!


 Getting the right culture within a business

A study on why cultural change and organisational development are important in taking a business forward and how a positive impact can be made on the business by engaging its existing employees. In the book, a number of change processes are reviewed, along with the development of new structures and the empowering of the employees. 


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