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BronzeCOACH: Introduction to Business Coaching

This introduction programme is delivered fully on line and is aimed at Micro business owners; Small and Medium Enterprise business owners; business owners who are contempating coaching but are unsure. It is a great way to kickstart your coaching journey and a lead in to one of the other programmes set out below.


BronzeCOACH includes GrowthCLUB* Two, 1 hour Skype strategy implementation and goal setting sessions each month coaching* system and procedure templates* e-book each month  


SilverCOACH: Building A Solid Base

Designed for owners or managers who know they want more out of their business but do not know how to get it. These businesses may have just started, don’t have the infrastructure to take full advantage of the more in-depth programmes, or just need an injection of enthusiasm and guidance each month. It is also recommended as a good maintenance programme for business owners that have completed one of the other one-to-one mentoring programmes. 


SilverCOACH includes GrowthCLUB* Two, 1 hour strategy implementation and goals setting sessions face to face or by Skype each month. * Up to 1 hour per month critiquing and developing marketing, systems, logistics or team recruitment pieces. * One Thomas DISC psychological profiling for you, the business owner.


GoldCOACH: Develop Your Business

The next step in 1-2-1 coaching designed for owners or managers of a business who want a more intense method of coaching. These businesses may have systems and procedures already in place but are unsure if they are being used to their full potential. 


GoldCOACH includes GrowthCLUB* Up to one 1-hour strategy implementation and goals setting session by phone, face to face or Skype each week. * Up to 2 hours per month critiquing and developing marketing, systems, logistics or team recruitment pieces. * Two Thomas DISC psychological profiling reports 


PlatinumCOACH: Grow Your Business

Produced for those businesses who are determined to achieve significant growth within the next 12 months. Your business is probably already going well but you may typically need to rapidly expand your customer base, introduce a new product or open another outlet. You have some really good staff members in place but your business is struggling to reach its full potential. You are probably working way too many hours a week and the business would not be able to survive without your constant input. 


PlatinumCOACH includes GrowthCLUB * Up to three 1-hour strategy implementation and goals setting sessions by phone or Skype each month plus one personal visit each month. * Up to 2 hours per month critiquing and developing marketing, systems, logistics or team recruitment pieces. * Two 2 hour workshop or training seminar during the first six months of the programme for you and the team on selling, using sales scripts, team building, customer service or a customised topic. * A Personal Profile Analysis using the DISC Profiling Programme for the business owner and any one other individual with the organisation.


FreedomCOACH: Team Optimisation Programme

The business landscape has changed drastically over the last decade, yet many owners and executives still operate the same way. With increasing complexity, a surge in available information and strategies, larger stakeholder diversity and the risk of innovation destroying entire industries within months, leaders today need to upgrade their operational and delivery systems. There is no longer a place for tired old leadership training and team days that add a few more ideas to the already overwhelming number. Leaders need a complete upgrade transforming their capacity and capabilities and know-how to create a vision the team is invested in and KPI’s that they can be kept accountable to.

The number 1 trend in leadership development, what most leaders need, is vertical development.

This programme is tailored to your organisations specific needs and business’ situation, but is aimed at vertical development and could include


FreedomCOACH includes * Two 2 hour team sessions per month for up to 10 senior managers or company directors * 1 quarterly Senior Director review meeting * DISC Profiling assessments for your senior management team undertaking this programme



GrowthCLUB is charged in addition to the monthly investment for each coaching programme, including On-Line, at £33.33 per month in lieu of the normal GrowthCLUB rate to none 1-2-1 clients of £199

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